Reseñas noviembre 2023: Video Girl Ai, I»s, artbooks 4c, King of Works

Un mes más, damos un repaso a lo que se ha publicado en internet sobre Masakazu Katsura.

Thirty Years Later: Video Girl Ai

Una reseña hecha desde la añoranza a un manga leído hace treinta años.

It’s this risque humor tied to a really touching romantic story between Youta and Moemi that makes this series work so well. Youta and Moemi make an interesting pair and watching them play against the growing feelings between Youta and Ai as well as the involvement of Takashi takes the typical triangle and expands it, but makes things rather open ended in how it could go. The characters aren’t fleshed out terribly deeply here since it’s such a short OVA series, but they’ve done things in a way that gives them what they need and makes it clear there are lives above and beyond what we see, which is a fairly rare thing.

Thirty Years Later: Video Girl Ai

Sleazy Pictures Muggy Archive: Video Girl AI

«Video Girl AI» transcends its romantic drama label by delving into profound thematic explorations. The anime grapples with existential questions about the nature of consciousness, the boundaries between reality and fiction, and the consequences of tampering with the natural course of human emotions.

Sleazy Pictures Muggy Archive: Video Girl AI

次の「リメイク」アニメは何だ? 来年40周年を迎える懐かし作品から予想

En un reportaje sobre Obras que cumplen 40 años y planteandose cual podría tener un remake, surge la idea de que Wingman volviera. ¿Opiniones?

【漫画开箱】懵懂的青春与爱情 I”s-桂正和

Breve vídeo-reseña de I»s en su edición de Hong Kong por Comics World (y solamente viendo las portadas).

History Of Fan Anime 326 Artbooks Volume 6: Lost Universe, Utena, Kenichi Sonoda, Masakazu Katsura

Unboxing del 4c.

Kinf of Works: The Beginning

Unboxing en tailandés

Kinf of Works: The Rising

Unboxing en tailandés

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