Reseñas [septiembre’10]: Zetman, Video Girl Ai

Hoy incorporo una reseña en francés, sobre Zetman 14, y otra sobre un lector americano que se ha leído Video Girl Ai del tirón.

PlanetBD: Zetman [4/6]

Les graphismes sont quant à eux toujours aussi superbes, notamment en ce qui concerne les nombreux décors qui fourmillent de détails et ont un aspect très réaliste.
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Video Girl Ai: Awesome God Damn Manga

So what’s the big deal about this manga, you may ask. Well, the big deal is that there are BAM moments left and right. Youta starts liking all sorts of girls, and girls are liking him, and he’s trying to bang em (sort of), and they’re tryin’ to bang him (sort of), and the dude who created Ai is trying to kill her because she’s broken, and all sorts of other crazy ass shit started coming out of the woodwork that my head exploded with awesomeness. Not only that, but the artwork is glourious. Literally FUCKING GLOURIOUS!
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